Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 590 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch #30

In the mood to splurge a bit tonight, not go all out but get something special? Maybe open up a nice bottle of red wine and you're looking for a great blue cheese to go with it?

Look no further than Lively Run Cayuga Blue clocking in at $34 a pound at Beecher's Cheese, not a huge splurge but a decent splurge and one you will definitely be happy you spent the extra money on.

Why you may be wondering?

Well Lively Run Cayuga Blue from Interlaken, New York is a strictly goat's milk blue (not a common occurence folks especially one that packs all of the classic goat-y notes.) Aged for two to four months, it is flakey and firm with rustic earthy barnyardy spicy blue notes and a bright sweet grassy goat-y finish. What I also especially like about Lively Run's Cayuga Blue is that no two wheels are the same, sometimes it will more classic goat's milk cheese than blue cheese and sometimes the reverse and sometimes a happy balance between the two.

So go out and grab a nice morsel of Lively Run Cayuga Blue and a bottle of your favorite red wine and enjoy.

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