Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 568 : Neal's Yard Cheese Post Travel

So are you curious which Neal's Yard Cheese was best after upwards of twelve hours outside of the fridge? It melted in your mouth and its flavor profile just blossomed and expanded on your tongue -- Gorwydd's Caerphilly crafted in Ceredigion in Wales. A traditional Welsh style semi-soft cheese with a history dating back to the early 19th century, this raw cow's milk cheese was an utter delight!

Caerphilly became popular with Welsh miners in the 19th century partially because of the thickness of its rind easing the ingestion of the cheese with grubby mining hands. It also was believed to neutralize certain toxic coal substances. However come the 20th century, Caerphilly production fell greatly and Gorwydd's is part of this cheese's rebirth!

Gorwydd's Caerphilly is covered with nettle leaves during its aging process which imparts the cheese with a fantastic rustic earthy vegetal herbaceous quality that develops a fabulous depth once it has been out for the amount of time it was left out while traveling. Just below the thick rind is somewhat of a creamline that is full of round mushroomy notes and on the interior a citrusy bright paste full of lactic milkiness. As the cheese warms up the marriage of the three distinct flavors of the cheese function in perfect harmony. What a treat after a long day of travel!

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