Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 548 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch #27

Gosh this last week before vacation has totally turned my blogging schedule upside and down and for that I apologize!

So last week we looked at how you could save at Murray's, so here's how you could splurge at Murray's:

Why not indulge in a morsel of Abbaye de Tamie clocking in at $35.99 a pound? A washed rind raw cow's milk cheese from the Savoie region of France aged for two months. You might think this cheese is somewhat reminiscent of the great washed rind stinker, Reblochon, but this has a firmer interior paste that's for sure. The cheese itself is rich and creamy with slightly bright, sweet, fruity and straw-y hay notes. A washed rind home run! Enjoy with semi-sweet wines.

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