Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 547 : A breakfast-y crostini

Are you like me in that you love to make jams and sauces with summer's bounty so that come the dark dreary days of winter you can enjoy the juicy blueberries and luscious tomatoes of August? Well I recently made a simple delish blueberry basil sea salt jam and I thought it would be perfect for breakfast this morning on a toasted English muffin with a dollop of Nettle Meadow Farm's Honey Lavender goat's milk fromage blanc and a few leaves of basil to reinforce the hints of basil in my jam? Perhaps with a nice cup of Green Tea to get going this morning? Aromatic, full of flavor nuances to awake your senses first thing in the morning!

How to make my blueberry jam:

No pectin here nor sugar, just blueberries, water, basil, and sea salt. The fresh blueberries have enough residual sugars so that as you cook them, the sugars will release making the jam sweet enough. Note to self -- making jam requires patience. It is not something that happens in an hour, it takes multiple hours of cooking over low heat. I like to take the jam off the heat, cover, and cool overnight at least one night, if not two, it allows the flavors to develop with an increased depth. Add a pinch of sea salt when you start the jam and again as you see it thickening up. Wait till jam is thickening to add diced up basil, definitely once basil is added, let jam sit overnight. Add two rounds of diced basil to dial up the herbaceous aromatic quotient somewhat. Enjoy!

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