Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 541 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch # 26

A note to all of you French cheese lovers out there -- Murray's Cheese is having a fantastic sale on eleven different French cheeses just through the month of August. The cheeses are each slashed by at least $3 and all the way up to $10 off per pound of cheese. You don't have to just be in New York City to enjoy this deal, Murray's ships nationwide.

The nice thing about this sale is that it is on eleven French cheeses that are less well known to the general American public so not only does it allow you the opportunity to learn about new French cheeses but you can do that without spending as much money, always a bonus!

So check out Murray's either in Grand Central Station or the original on Bleecker Street. If you're not in NYC, go online and discover the French cheeses in season and on sale.

My top three picks of the eleven cheeses that Murray's has on sale are:

1. Colombier des Pigeons - A large cone shaped soft ripened goat's milk cheese from the Rhone Alps region  that is chalky, firm, and milky for all the right reasons. Slightly earthy with aromatic floral and grassy vegetal notes. On sale from $39.99 to $34.99 a pound.

2. Saulnois - Hailing from the Lorraine region, this raw cow's milk cheese is washed wine and aged for between four and six months. Semi-firm with mushroomy, rustic, and grassy notes and a fantastically floral and fruity finish due to the wine. You can't go wrong here! On sale from $27.99 to $24.99 a pound.

3. Bleu de Brebis - Looking for an alternative to Roquefort? This raw sheep's milk blue from the Aveyrons is punchy, spicy, creamy, and full bodied. It sure awakens the senses and is perfect with a glass of dessert wine or white port. On sale from $29.99 to $24.99 a pound.

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