Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Two Ninety Seven - Sunny Latin GCF in honor of our trip to Miami

For lunch today, I went to a great little tapas joint in the Design District here in Miami called the Martinez and there I got inspired for a Spanish-y Latin GCF in honor of this sunny city I'm currently writing to you all from. So let's get going!

Grab some nice crunchy baguette and top each side with some blood orange marmalade, you can find a nice selection of marmalade at any whole foods or a fairway. You want that super citrus punch here! Top that with the great Spanish goat cheese, Queso de Murcia. A semi-firm goats milk cheese that is rubbed with red wine on the exterior giving the cheese a fruity side with a clean milky lactic center. Well rounded and delish. Top the cheese with sone of those classic Spanish almonds for a nice salty punch - Marconas and toast away. Enjoy with a nice glass of cava.

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