Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Two Ninety Eight - Blue Sea Sushi @ The Delano - Sushi & Cheese? Corrected!

Whoops blogging on one's iPhone sometimes causes some issues, it seems my post got published before I wrote it, so sorry folks!

Last night as a tradition, I went to the fun, super delish and fresh sushi bar located in the lobby of the Delano Hotel on 17th and Collins. One of the best sushi joints around if you ask me...

So what did we have that allows me to discuss it here?

We started with two of their salads - their 7 seaweed salad with honey soy dressing and sesame soy drizzle gorgeously organized on three homemade sesame crisps and their green salad with cucumbers, daikon, and Ginger dressing. Each salad was full of crisp, vegetal, and flavorful nuances -- the sort of salad that you wish you could make just as fabulously at home.

Then we split three of their sushi rolls :

First up, their Vegetable roll which was composed of: Asparagus, cucumber and scallion topped with roasted red peppers, avocado and truffle oil. This vegetable roll was sensuous, luscious and sure did melt in your mouth.

Next up, their kinoko roll which was composed of Japanese Mushrooms wrapped in white soy topped with crispy enokis and truffle oil. Each morsel was earthy, rustic, and delish!

Lastly we split their yakuza roll which was composed of Boursin cheese, BBQ eel, avocado, spicy masago and topped with Eel sauce drizzle. This was the ultimate mixture of delish ingredients designed to delight one's tastebuds. Creamy yet vegetal, with a sumptuous mouth feel. The true example of fish and cheese working together.

We finished the meal with their homemade key lime pie.

All in all, truly inventive and unique sushi with fresh ingredients and fun people watching. Go for the food, but enjoy the scene!

Blue Sea
The Delano Hotel
1685 Collins Ave

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