Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Ten : Lunch at BiCE yesterday

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch at BiCE, one of those midtown power lunch spots, jammed to the gills at 12:30 with men in suits and ties and women in heels. Straight-forward Italian fare was on offer, pricey but the portion size tried to make up for it. All their pasta is made in house and they have some lovely foccacia to offer as you wait. A nice selection of salads, pastas, meats, vegetables, and more -- it was quite the extensive menu, giving you plenty to choose from.

My dining companion and I split a contorni, a side dish of grilled polenta with sauteed mushrooms and parmesan. Polenta, in case you aren't aware, is a corn meal based dish that is extremely popular in Northern Italy, warming, comforting, and quite satisfying. A traditional pairing for polenta but done very well -- earthy, nutty, flavorful, and woodsy, the perfect dish for a cold December day with a glass of red wine.

I forgot quite how much I loved polenta, it is so versatile and a great substitute for pasta. I'll have to make some soon and provide you all with a delish recipe.

Apart from the polenta, I had their tuna tartar with capers, red onion, avocado, micro greens, and a citrusy dressing. Delish, straightforward and fresh!

Overall, a good meal, nothing super out of the ordinary, but simple Italian food done well. If you need a midtown spot for a power lunch and aren't concerned terribly about the bill, this is a good option.

7 East 54th Street

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