Monday, December 13, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Seven - Beet Marriage Mondays

Greetings dear Fromagical readers from the frozen tundra of Ann Arbor, Michigan where it is currently 9 degrees out, god knows what it is with the wind chill! I just returned from a lovely dinner at a little local place called Zola where I had their special burrata and roasted beets with balsamic vinaigrette salad and I thought gosh, I haven't done a beet marriage mondays yet!

We all can think of the traditional pairing with beets, can't we?

Ding, ding, Goat's cheese and beets! This week's marriage monday's will prove to you that is not the only pairing option for our dear root veggie, beets.

Contestant Number # 1: Saint-Andre - Decadence is the name of the game for our first contestant -- a triple cream hailing from Normandy. Think Brie but one hundred times as rich! This bloomy guy is dense, buttery, unctuous and simply all around creamy and fabulous! High in fat content yes, but is it high on our beets' list of pairing options?

Contestant Number # 2: Ewe's Blue - Old Chatham Shepherding company's one hundred percent sheep's milk blue is made in the Roquefort style and boy does it show you that New York State is on the blue cheese map -- spicy, piquant, biting, and fantastic! The perfect sort of mouth pucker with that nice round creamy finish, you cannot go wrong here. But is it the right choice for this week's contender?

Contestant Number # 3 : Ricotta - White, chalky, and young is our final contestant. A lovely by-product of cheese-making, ricotta is traditionally crafted from the left-over whey utilized to make cheese. Well known and loved the world over, it is found featured in everything from desserts to main dishes and more. But will it be found with our dear beets this week?

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