Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Eight : Results

Back in New York City where it is almost just as cold as Michigan, not quite, but definitely a close second I bring you this week's Marriage Mondays results. I know it might seem just as weird to you as it does to me to be discussing beets when its about 20 degrees outside. I tend to associate beets with summery sorts of events..why, I'm not sure, but I do.

As I've had quite the long day today, I think tonight's results will be quick...

Contestant Number #1: Saint-Andre - Our super duper creamster this week misses the boat with our beets, it simply will overwhelm the delicate vegetal nuances. This is a cheese case where a nice crusty piece of bread is the ideal pairing partner -- keep it simple is the name of the game with Saint-Andre.

Contestant Number # 2: Ewe's Blue - A great salad pairing partner for our beets as the piquant spiciness will be perfect with the vegetal sweetness of this week's root vegetable. But this is a pairing that we tend to see somewhat often, not nearly as often as goat's cheese and beets, but often enough...So I thought why not think out of the box! Therefore as we've deduced our third and final contestant, Ricotta takes home the prize this week.

Why not roast the beets with some chives, sea salt and EVOO to the point where they are golden brown and almost caramelized? Then top with some wilted garlic spinach and a dollop of whipped ricotta with EVOO, a drizzle of raw honey and chives echoing what the beets were roasted with? I guarantee it will be the perfect mixture of herbaceousness, creaminess, vegetal and green notes. A riff on a warm salad made by yours truly!

Try it, I think you'll enjoy it!

Stay tuned for a special report tomorrow, night folks!

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