Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Three Hundred and One - Maple Smoky Results

It's that time again folks!

Results time!

So who won out for the opportunity to be paired with Taylor Farm's Maple Smoked Gouda this week?

Our dear Pilsner does not have the gumption or the weight to stand up to the Maple Smoked Gouda. Pilsners tend to be of the lighter, more dainty sort of beer when done right and therefore when you get a good pilsner, I recommend going with a semi soft sheep's milk cheese, something buttery, light on the butterscotch and caramel but still delicately delish.

The Ice Wine will surely miss the mark this week as it's syrupy sweetness will overwhelm and almost even clash with the creamy lightly smoky-ness of the cheese. This is a case where you have two fantastic items but they just do not go with one another. That being said, try a nice fresh goat's milk cheese with your ice wine, you want something young and fresh, full of bright citrusy notes to cut some of the sweetness of the wine.

Therefore our dear Tempranillo wins this week, why? It's medium to light body will find its equal counterpart in the Maple Smoked Gouda, deceivingly light with a heavy presence. The tobacco notes of the wine will find its friend in the maple smoked notes of the cheese forming a coherent harmony. The red berry and plum moments in the wine will find their match in the creamy milky nuances of the cheese -- somewhat similar yet opposite.

Have a nice glass of Tempranillo with this lovely Maple Smoked Gouda and some lovely oatcakes...

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