Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Four : Roasted Chestnut GCF

As the days get colder and shorter here in Manhattan, one of the familiar scents wafting towards you on street corners is that comforting smell of roasted chestnuts. There's something warming and homey about it...So I thought on this cold Friday afternoon, why not warm up with a nice roasted chestnut GCF?

How do I roast chestnuts?

I go for the less labor intensive route and buy the already shelled version as chestnuts in their shells are a huge pain unless you've got the right equipment. I like to toss the chestnuts with some olive oil, sea salt, and rosemary and roast them at 300 degrees for between fifteen and twenty minutes. They will melt in your mouth...

While those chestnuts are roasting, grab a nice French baguette and top it with some young Manchego which is creamy, buttery, and rich. It is the quintessential melting cheese. Top that with a few crispy sage leaves and drizzle some nice olivey EVOO on one side of the baguette and toast away. What you will get is a hearty, earthy, creamy and herbaceous GCF that will warm you inside and out. Enjoy with a nice glass of mulled cider.

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