Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Five : Holiday Parties, champagne, toasts, and cheers!

Today seems to be a day full of holiday cheer! Inside and out, people were celebrating or preparing to celebrate!

This afternoon, I went to a seasonal champagne tasting and I sampled a variety of lovely Blanc de blancs, champagnes, blanc de noirs, proseccos, cavas, rose cavas and rose champagnes...the perfect tasting for someone who adores all things bubbly!

I got to thinking about the bubbly that was missing from today's tasting and I realized that was Lambrusco. Lambrusco hails from Italy and is both a grape and a frizzante or lightly bubbly red wine. Traditionally made in the charmat process which is when the second fermentation happens in pressurized tank. Lightly fruity, somewhat dry, and super bright, this is a great hors d'oeuvres sort of drink!

What could it go with?

How about something creamy like its fellow Italian, La Tur. A bloomy rind cheese that is a mixture of sheep, cow and goat's milk, it is decadent, creamy, and rich. Perfect for the light elegance of a glass of Lambrusco.

A great pairing idea for any and all holiday cocktail party!

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