Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day Two Seventy Six - Cranberry GCF

Top of the morning folks! Sorry this post is a bit late but better late than never right?

Getting excited for Thanksgiving? Can you believe it's less than two weeks away? I can't! So I thought for this week we would do an ode to the cranberry GCF.

What's the best way to do that? Well creameries like Lynnhaven make a chevre infused with cranberries and oranges but that's too much if you ask me. Here, you want a simple fresh Valencay, not aged to it's fullest so it's got that classic lactic tang but with a bit of the funky mustiness that one gets with an aged Valencay.

I think that store bought cranberry sauce tends to be super sweet so if you have the time to reduce cranberries yourself on the stove with water, sea salt and honey over low heat that's best but I get you might not have the time so exercise your own judgment call here -- go with what's best for you!

Now you've got Valencay and cranberry, what else do you need?

Bread of course, I'd utilize a nice crunchy multigrain bread here! On either side of the bread drizzle a little bit of wildflower honey and then top with a nice slice of Valencay. Next up a few leaves of basil for that herbal twist! Top with cranberry and some roasted walnuts and toast away! You will have a fantastic medley of sweetness, savory, fruitiness, cheesy tang, a hint of green herbaceousness with a crunchy finish! Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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