Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Two Seventy Five - Cheese Spotlight - Sea Hive Cheese

Cheese from Utah? Yes mam! Yes sir! Beehive Cheese Company it is! One of only a handful of creameries in Utah, Beehive is run by two brothers in law who gave up the daily grind of software and real estate for a quieter life of cheesemaking.

Located in Uintah, Utah, Beehive is most well known for their Barely Buzzed case you are blanking what Barely Buzzed is; it is their cow's milk cheese that has been rubbed with coffee and lavender. Beehive doesn't just make Barely Buzzed though, their cheese repetoire includes a selection of nine different cheeses and I thought I would focus today on their newest cheese -- Sea Hive!

Utah is unique for its four season ecosystem and high desert and Sea Hive is Beehive's attempt to capture Utah's specific terroir into a cheese...What is Sea Hive then?

As Beehive states its a true expression of "..the land of salt and honey."

It is a cow's milk cheese that has been hand rubbed with local wildflower honey and Redmond RealSalt which is sourced from an ancient sea bed near the creamery. The salt has a faint colorful hue to it due to the fifty trace minerals in the sea bed. Local milk, local honey, local salt, a truly local product! Sweet, salty, tangy, floral, creamy, somewhat firm, buttery, and all around fantastic, this is a cheese that is a must try.

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