Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Two Eighty Six - Ardith Mae's Herb Infused Fresh Chevre Marriage Mondays

Wow, getting specific today, aren't I? I chose this cheese because Ardith Mae has it on holiday special and I thought an herbed chevre Marriage Mondays would be fun this week. Ardith Mae's herbed chevre is fresh, lactic, tangy, grassy, herbaceous, and somewhat puckery with a nice citrus-y/green sort of feel to it. Many goat cheese producers make an herb infused goat's milk cheese because it is approachable yet somewhat dressed up... It is the sort of cheese that announces its presence but manages to not fully take over.

So what would you serve with an herbed chevre?

Contestant Number # 1: Cava - Spain's answer to the French bubbly drink of choice -- Champagne. Aged on the lees (the spent yeast utilized in fermentation), they tend to be dry yet refreshing. Pale and straw like in color, cavas have green apple, pear, and citrus notes with a hint of just baked bread scent from the yeast. Easy drinking and celebratory! Will it be that right sort of celebration for our herbed chevre?

Contestant Number # 2: Sancerre - Our second contestant traditionally hails from the Loire Valley region of France, primarily made utilizing the Sauvignon Blanc grape. They are characterized as being dry, crisp, light, minerally, elegant wines. Full of peach and yellow raspberry notes with a nice light floral and grassy side to them. Will elegance win out this week?

Contestant Number # 3: Hendrick's & Soda - Woah, I'm switching things up this week, adding a cocktail in the place of a third wine or beer....Hendrick's hails from across the pond as well, this time however it is Scotland. Like most gins it has a fabulous nose of botanicals, however Hendrick's dials up the floral side due to its mixture of four different types of floral notes -- elderflower, chamomile, meadowsweet, and Bulgarian rose petal. It also has a fresh, crisp, green side due to the cucumber infusion. All in all, it has a fantastically floral and vegetal nose and flavor profile. Served with some ice and some sparkling water, it will knock your socks off. But will it be too floral and vegetal for the herb infused chevre?

Wait till tomorrow to find out!

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