Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Two Eighty Seven - Results

This was a week about wine and cheese pairing so no recipe here...

Who won this week?

Let's first narrow the competition by discussing who didn't win...unfortunately my favorite liquor, Hendrick's Gin just simply didn't cut it. Why? Because the goat cheese's herbs will overwhelm the delicate flavors of the gin...that being said a nice simple chevre, preferably an aged one with a firm texture would be excellent for the gin. The floral cucumber flavors of the gin are so delicate, it needs something equally delicate to go with it.

That leaves us with a head on race between a Spaniard and a Frenchie...who triumphs?

The Cava although delish, easy drinking, and super dry will be fine with the herbed chevre but is not the ideal choice. Why? Because of the herbaceousness of the cheese -- for such a flavor forward cheese you need a crisp, minerally wine that will allow the herbaceousness of the cheese to sing but make it not only about the herbs coating the cheese but about the grassy, lactic, citrus notes present in the chevre as well. The citrus and green grassy notes in the Sancerre will bring out the chevre's nuances...Here it is about certain flavor profiles being present in both the wine and the cheese and each will test the others' limits to push them to their best while still having significant differences..Make sense?

Go ahead and try a glass of nice Sancerre with a sliver of herbed chevre, I guarantee you will be satisfied!

Gearing up for Thanksgiving? Stay tuned for some fun veggie and cheesy recipes tomorrow!

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