Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Three - Eggs Marriage Mondays

Chicken ones, duck ones, turkey ones, ostrich ones, quail ones, you name it, as humans, eggs have been a staple of our diet since ancient times and one of a cook's most versatile ingredients. Utilized in everything from cocktails to wedding cakes to everyone's favorite brunch dish to meatballs, eggs crop up in the funniest of places don't they?

For today's Marriage Mondays eggtastic musings, I thought we would stick with breakfast. However that doesn't narrow it down sufficiently does it? Eggs appear in so many different capacities even as a starter to the day! Therefore, I say we go with my favorite preparation for eggs -- an omelette.

Now, I tend to strictly like egg white omelettes but I understand that you might not feel the same way. I get that by not eating the yolks, I am reducing the nutritional benefits of the eggs like the vitamins A, D, and E found in the yolk; however overall, I am reducing my cholesterol intake which when you eat cheese as often as I do, is not a bad idea. Also, to be honest, I really don't like the taste of the yolks and I really enjoy the lightness of just eating the egg whites. You still get the protein punch from the whites!

So moving onto the topic of cheese in this omelette, shall we discuss today's contestants? Let me first say that the point of today's cheese choices is to show you how you can push the envelope when it comes to cheese and omelette combos. We all know your traditional gruyere or cheddar or crumbled chevre will be delish in an omelette but which of the following cheeses will really go above and beyond in a truly spectacular way?

Contestant Number #1 : Barely Buzzed - Hailing from Utah, this firm cheese packs your caffeinated punch without having to drink a cup of coffee, great to get going in the morning! This aged cow's milk cheese is rubbed with lavender and a special coffee blend giving the cheese a burnt, smoky, caramelly, buttery sort of flavor profile. What could be better than caffeinated cheese for a breakfast/brunch item? Saves you the trouble of ordering a coffee!

Contestant Number #2 : Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert - Moving a little closer to home, this second contestant hails from Upstate New York. This soft-ripened local is made from Old Chatham Sheperding Company's sheep's milk along with a nice mixture of cow's milk. Smooth, buttery, creamy, unctuous and utterly decadent, this is the perfect sort of cheese to enjoy with a Mimosa. Even though it works with the upbeat bubbles of a Mimosa, will it work with our eggs to make a smashing brunch dish?

Contestant Number #3 : Bayley Hazen Blue - This final contestant is named for a road commissioned by George Washington to allow American access to fight the English on the Canadian front lines. However, this road never led to battle, it did lead to the growth of the town of Greensboro, VT where our third contestant is made. A natural rind cow's milk blue cheese that is aged for four to six months, this baby is more prone to crumbling than other blues but don't loose any of those crumbs because they are so fantastic! Rich, piquant, spicy, nutty and even grassy, this is a cheese that strikes a special cord of yumminess. Will it strike our eggs' cord to make the best omelette? Stay tuned!!

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