Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Four - Eggtastic Fantastic Results

It's Tuesday folks and you know what that means, it's results time! Did you wager your bets on whether it would be our caffeinated contestant or our soft rippened creamster or the naturally stinky pungent blue? Or did you think that none of the above would work?

Contestant Number #1: Barely Buzzed - Caffeine and eggs just go hand in hand for brunch don't they? Unfortunately not in this case. This unique cheese is so flavorful and fantastic but when folded into the setting of an omelette, its smashing nuances are lost and are swallowed up by the eggs. All you will get is the melted taste of a firm cow's milk cheese mixed with a really faint hint of the caffeine and lavender. This is a cheese that needs to be on its own to shine. Paired with a small piece of dark chocolate and a nice deep beer, this cheese makes the perfect dessert or evening snack.

Contestant Number # 2: Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert - Luxuriously creamy is this contestant, the perfect roof of mouth coating sort of cheese, decadent for all the right reasons. However, I think that this is one of those bloomy rind cheeses that becomes its worst self when combined with other ingredients and cooked. I don't know about you, but for me there are certain cheeses that just shouldn't be heated and combined, they are meant to be eaten at room temperature with little accoutrements -- crackers or bread and maybe some fruit, dried or fresh.

Contestant Number #3: Bayley Hazen Blue - Therefore by deduction, contestant number three is our winner this week in Marriage Mondays. Why you may ask? That's because it has the right sort of meltability mixed with a flavor profile that lends itself to the heat of the skillet. The nuances of this blue cheese are coaxed out and brought to the forefront when cooked  and combined with the eggs, granted, it might not be your first choice, but I guarantee when you try the following recipe, you will be converted.

For my omelette recipe, I like to utilize egg whites as we discussed yesterday, but if you want to go with the full-on eggs, go ahead.

3 egg whites/eggs
1/2 pear
1/2 shallot
Cider Vinegar
Raw Honey
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crumbled Bayley Hazen Blue
Fresh Rosemary
Sea Salt/Black Pepper to taste

Dice pear and shallot, throw in a skillet with some sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, and cider vinegar. Saute over low heat for five minutes and add honey, cook till golden brown. Place to the side. Crack three egg whites into a  bowl and whisk together till the eggs get fluffy. Pour into pan over low heat, wait till the eggs are just getting opaque and drop in your pear caramelized shallot filling then top with about a 1/3 to 1/4 of a cup of crumbled bayley hazen blue. Cook till eggs appear done and fold omelette and place on a plate. Top with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, some sea salt, and a small dusting of black pepper.

Enjoy my dressed up omelette, a little sweet, a little savory, and all around delish!

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