Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Seven : A Sticky Stinky GCF for a Balmy September afternoon

Indian summer is at it's peak! I love this weather, it's perfect for me and for those of us who get cold easily. The last taste of steamy, sticky, humid weather!

So I got to thinking, why not do a GCF featuring a sticky, stinky cheese in honor of the sticky weather! My mind immediately was drawn to the Alsatian washed rind raw cow's milk Munster cheese -- Gres des Vosges.

Munster is crafted at a number of different creameries through out the Alsatian region, however what differentiates Gres des Vosges, is that it is only crafted one creamery. Both cheeses are made with raw cow's milk with washed rinds and are aged for exactly one month. Interesting though to think about the fact that Munster is known the world over and few people know Gres des Vosges. It's a cheese to know and definitely to smell! Upon smelling, one gets a cornicoupia of scents -- everything from barnyardy, yeasty, and farmy to mushroomy, garlic-y, even lactic and creamy. Upon taste, you will find a lot of the same flavors present as well and the cheese will coat your mouth in that perfect stinky cheese sort of manner. A supremely fantastic cheese for those of us who like a cheese that has a presence.

When melted, this cheese oozes stink for all the right reasons so for today's GCF, I wanted to keep it simple. Grab a nice loaf of Orwasher's Chardonnay Miche Bread made with chardonnay grapes, unbleached, whole wheat, and rye flours, this bread is just the right sort of crunch and density for such a rich cheese. Once you've got your cheese and your bread, I'd add a few dried apricots and maybe a few crushed roasted walnuts to the mix and toast away. Serve this simple yet delish sandwich with a nice glass of Alsatian white, a good Riesling for example. Enjoy your sticky sandwich on this sticky afternoon folks!

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