Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight : A few days late Recap of Bar Luna

Today I thought I'd recap my Thursday evening when I joined a group of friends at a cozy Upper West Side Italian restaurant and wine bar where my friend was singing jazz called Bar Luna. Serving classic Italian dishes with a modern flair, this is a reliable and reasonable sort of neighborhoody place. The menu was the right sort of mixture of salads, flatbread pizzas, cheeses, cured meats, entrees, and more. This is not the sort of place where you will find ground breaking, cutting edge cuisine, but it is the sort of place where you will be able to get a meal that you know will be delish and satisfying or even a small bite while having a drink.

We split a fantastic wild mushroom, herbed goat cheese pita pizza with some white truffle oil on top. Perfect with a nice glass of Pinot Noir, some good friends and great Jazz music. Also split by other friends at the table was a simple flatbread Margherita pizza, the classic tomato sauce mozzarella sort of pie, nice and satisfying.

It's always nice to know about those reliable affordable neighborhood joints that you know you can go with friends and have a good time and have some good food and drink.

Enjoy your Saturday evening!

Bar Luna
511 Amsterdam Ave

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