Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 1064 : Giving Thanks

Gosh, it's been forever and an eternity. Life got busy and my musings dissipated, then dwindled, and then just all together vanished. But in walking through Chelsea Market en route home on a rainy, cold, Thanksgiving Eve, I got to thinking, gosh I miss my musings. I really started Fromagical as a journey and a discovery about cheese, about flavors, about how simple ingredients create thousands of different taste sensations. It was culinary art, my expression of that particular moment of creativity in my life - cheese was it. Discoveries, pairings, taste sensations, I shared thousands of stories and life moments through my cheeses. And although I still write, teach, make, and eat plenty of cheese, I decided this afternoon that my art was not just about cheese, but about food, about ingredients, about the sensations of bringing people together to as the old fashioned expression says, "to break bread." Well I don't do so much of that bread breaking literally anymore but I look back at my fondest memories over the past years and you guessed it, food features pretty strongly in those memories.

Moving forward, there will be more musings - cheese and otherwise because what is life without the ability to share the smiles and laughs with those around you.

Starting afresh, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I would like to give thanks. Thanks to all my friends and family for making each day brighter, for being there through the good times and the bad, and for  sharing in all those morsels of cheese!

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