Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 1056 : Of fairy tales and blue cheese

Looking for something that is only available for purchase at three stores worldwide? Well look no further than at Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg for Lady's Blue -- a raw goat's milk blue cheese hailing from the Drente Province of the Netherlands. The cheese is crafted on one of those farms that exists only in dreams, fairy tales, and fantasies -- completely idyllic in the best of ways. Anya Groenwald's farm boasts one hundred and fifty goats whose milk creates this decadently wonderful cheese. This is a cheese that is all about terroir and you can only imagine that if the farm is fairy tale-esque then the cheese can be nothing short of out of this world. Fluffy and decadent with a round sweetness, this blue cheese is one of the most unique blues out there and would surely be a splash on your Thanksgiving table.

So stop into Bedford Cheese Shop and grab a morsel of this unique blue cheese before you miss out on the chance!

Bedford Cheese Shop
229 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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