Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1047: Glasserie

Located in an abyss of warehouses, factories, lofts, and artist studios sits Glasserie. Named aptly for the building's prior tenant -- a glass factory, this middle eastern inspired restaurant opened earlier this summer. More recently however, they rolled out a brunch menu which I had the pleasure of trying this past Sunday.

The space is light and airy; the menu Middle Eastern inspired with a sense of creativity; and the cocktails were definitely not of your typical brunch sort.

So what did I have?

The poached eggs in tomato stew. Was this going to be their version of eggs in purgatory, the traditional Italian brunch dish? Or was it going to be something completely different? It was warm chopped up heirloom tomatoes, basil, sautéed onions, spices all in a wonderfully comforting simple broth with two poached eggs at the center. On the side were two pieces of bread lathered with tahini and paprika. Warming and filling yet not heavy, this was flavorful and dynamic -- a lovely brunch dish.

And a cocktail to go with?

How about white wine, aperol and fresh squeezed orange juice?

Refreshing and a little bit different from all those other brunch cocktails.

Overall a lovely meal in Northern Greenpoint, a really nice addition to the neighborhood.

95 Commercial Street

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