Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 1036: My new favorite pairing for August

Bijou. Jewel. One of my favorite geotrichum rinded aged goat's milk cheeses from Vermont Creamery. Modeled on a Crottin but totally it's own wonderful creamy morsel of goodness. 

Marsh Hollow's Pumpkin Jam. Crafted from locally sourced ingredients, this round sweet yet savory and rustic jam is the perfect compliment to the crisp, citrusy, grassy, chalky cheese. Not the traditionally expected pairing but absolutely wonderful - this is a case of opposites attracting. 

What to drink with this?

Medium bodied white wine, with a nice fruitiness that will strike a cord with the roundness of the jam yet still tango with the crisp brightness of the cheese. The perfect glue.

An excellent example of a pairing that brings out the nuances of each element.

Happy August!

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