Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 1034 : Burrata in Vermont?

Yes my friends it exists and is absolutely wonderful!!

Where does it exist?

Bennington, Vermont to be precise, at Maplebrook Farms. Started by Johann Englert who had an aha moment in 2003 when she tasted a fresh mozzarella made in Machester, Vermont and suddenly was transported back to the childhood memories of the burratas and mozzarellas from Italy that melted in her mouth. She knew that she had to ask Mike Scheps, the owner's son and third generation cheesemaker to spearhead her new operation. The rest is history.

Maplebrook produces some of the best local burrata and mozzarella around. Apart from those two melt in your mouth cheeses, they also craft a ricotta, a feta, scarmoza (basically dried and aged mozarella), and cheddar bites.

There is something fantastically decadent and inherently summery about burrata especially when served drizzled with olive oil and topped with basil, sliced fresh strawberries and fresh tomatoes. There truly is little better!

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