Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 1032 : Fromagical's picks from the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Held annually at Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms is the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival. A true summertime celebration of Vermont cheese, wines, beers, liquors, chocolates, preserves, breads, crackers, and much much more - a treat for the senses. 

Trust me there will be plenty of in depth blogs on some newly discovered producers but for today, fromagical wanted to provide you with her hit list of the best of the best:

Consider Bardwell's Danby - New to the market place, this firm, tangy and crisp aged goat's milk cheese is full of fantastic Vermont terroir -- rustic and earthy yet refined, sleek, and dynamic. An all around pleasure. What a nice addition to their cheese lineup. 

Sage Goat Farm's Worcester Tomme - Hello Vermont aged goat's milk cheese! What a treat! This alpine style goat's milk Tomme is nutty and warming yet rustic and flavorful with the classic goat cheese crispness and a nice layered finish. Currently their only raw milk offering, this cheese surely allows you to fall in love with Vermont cheesemaking

Twig Farm's Old Goat - We surely weren't the only ones to fall in love here, in fact so many folks fell in love that by the time we went back by to bring some home, it was all gone. Not a bad problem for Twig Farm, but definitely for us. Aged for approximately a year this is their Goat Tomme aged and what an amazing flavor profile develops from this aging – it is elegance and refinement but simple and delightful. The perfect cheese for your amateur cheese friends and seasoned cheese lovers alike.

Mt Mansfield's Cocoa Rubbed Sunrise - 8 month aged cow's milk Romano style cheese that has been rubbed with Lake Champlain's organic cocoa and olive oil during its aging process. Buttery, round, decadent and rustic with a nice nutty chocolately bent -- delicate and discrete, this does not scream chocolate rubbed. 

Marsh Hollow's artisanal jams and jellies were by far my favorite pairing partner. This one year old company is all about love and locavorism and boy can you taste it. From Carrot to Pumpkin to blueberry almond, their preserves were truly unique and wonderful. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a longer and more in depth update of other favorites. 

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