Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1017 : Last morsels of British cheese

Not in the mood for heading to Neal's Yard but want a nice early summer cheese from your local Waitrose?

Then grab a morsel of Mrs. Quicke's Goat milk cheddar from behind the cheese counter at Waitrose. Firm and crisp, with a bright milky citrusy bent, this is the perfect June snacking cheese. Pop open a bottle of Proven├žal rose because really summertime is rose season and enjoy a glass with this cheese. If you're looking for any additional pairing partners, perhaps some of the nice green olives with pesto found at the olive bar would be an excellent touch or even some roasted and salted almonds. 

Maybe you are looking for a more adventurous option, instead of your Goat's milk cheddar, well then why not try the firm aged Norwegian Shofrisk Goats. Crafted with milk from goats fed on fjord and mountain grass, this is honest, milky, crisp cheese with hints of citrus and a slightly floral finish.

So my friends go with the local hometown favorite or the Norwegian stallion, the choice is yours, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

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