Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 1009 : Second time around...

Sometimes it pays to try something twice...and that surely was the case last night for Rana.

My last trip there on post 971 was good but not return visit worthy. However last night's meal was definitely return worthy!

So what made it better? A menu change highlighting seasonal ingredients and a lightness of hand totally changed my experience!

What did we have?

We started with their Baccala Crostini; a side of sauteed chick peas in a homemade tomato herb broth; and their selection of crostini spreads -- ricotta and pea puree, potato and artichoke hearts, and Tuscan Pecorino, sundried tomatoes and black olive. The Baccala was flavorful and dynamic -- salty and briny and everything wonderful that one expects Baccala to be. The chick peas were rustic and hearty with a herbaceous punch. And what of the spreads? Each unique and delectable -- they were the perfect start to the meal.

Next up we split two of their salads -- their special salad of arugula, watermelon radish, chick peas, English peas, fava beans, burrata and a spring pea pesto along with their mesclun, French breakfast radish, snow pea, and Parmesan salad. The burrata salad was delicious and a refreshingly different manner to serve burrata. Bright, springy, and truly fabulous, this is the sort of salad I would definitely go back for. The mesclun salad was fresh and flavorful with a nice nutty bent from the Parmesan.

Along with the salads we had their fish of the day which was a pan roasted Red Snapper served with white asparagus and mashed purple potatoes. Light and flavorful -- a lovely Springtime fish preparation. 

Overall a lovely meal in a light and airy space that is most certainly return worthy!

Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue

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