Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1007 : A springtime Burrata

Burrata -- mozzarella curd filled with cream. Decadence in cheese. It is one of those dishes on a menu that I can't help but always order because it is such a treat. Traditionally paired with tomatoes, basil, and EVOO, maybe even arugula. Inspired by enjoying a morsel of burrata with the classic pairing last night, I thought of an excellent burrata springtime pairing that would highlight the rich milky decadence of the cheese with a bright vegetal aromatic springtime bent. So what is it?

How about burrata paired with sauteed fiddle head ferns?

What are fiddle head ferns?

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Well they are little coiled ferns available only in the early springtime months, traditionally discovered by foraging. Unique in look, they tend to have the flavor profile of asparagus mixed with spinach -- vegetal and rustic yet bright and alive. So why not saute them with some garlic, sel de guerande and EVOO and pair that with burrata topped with a few basil leaves? A celebration of springtime green!!!

How to prepare the fiddle heads?

Make sure to rinse them throughly. Then toss them in a pot of boiling water for one to two minutes. Then toss them in a saute pan with EVOO, garlic, sel de guerande, and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. Cook for approximately ten minutes over low to medium heat. Pull off the stove and place your burrata on top with a few basil leaves and another drizzle of EVOO. Enjoy with a glass of crisp, mineral forward white wine.

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