Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 996: Huertas

New York is a place to follow your dreams, explore your passions and push yourself to your limits. Each day, many people take that leap, that risk, that chance to try something new.

Jonah Miller is doing just that. Miller hosted a three day pop up of his upcoming new restaurant -- Huertas at the Old Bowery Station. This was a means to meet people, network, sample his culinary concepts and most importantly as a springboard to follow his passions.

So what my friends is Huertas all about?

Modeled on the classic Pinxtos bars of Spain, Huertas is going to be a place to have a bite, have a drink, and have a chat. Pinxtos are one bite nibbles meant to be enjoyed with a glass of wine or in this case an Asturias cider. Huertas will be a place to go for your Spanish delicacies like charred pulpo or a morsel of Tortilla Espanola or a fresh white anchovy served with an olive and pepper among many other classic savory Spanish dishes.

The thing that makes Pinxtos bars different from say your local wine bar or restaurant is the feeling -- the traditionally cavernous spots envelope you in warmth, cheer, and the most wonderfully convivial atmosphere. Miller's pop up, Huertas, mastered this feel even though it wasn't in such a space and that my friends is the ticket to a successful concept.

Delectable nibbles and a unique selection of ciders and Spanish wines will make the future restaurant, Huertas, a great spot, but for the moment, the popup surely tempted your palate for more. The food had a Spanish soul with each morsel sending my mind to the bars of San Sebastián. And what a treat the Asturias ciders were.

Here's to Miller's dream and the future of Huertas.

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