Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 978 : Wrinkles are Sexy

Oh yes they most certainly are when they come in the form of geotricum rinded goat's milk cheeses from Vermont Butter and Cheese. What is Geotricum you might be wondering? It's a yeast that is added to goat's milk during the cheesemaking process. This yeast will cause a cheese's rind to wrinkle as it ages and my friends the more wrinkles, the better the cheese will taste!

Inspired by the age old geotricum style cheeses crafted in France, Vermont Butter and Cheese if you ask me crafts the best Geotricum rinded cheeses one can find in America. Vermont Butter and Cheese produces four fabulous Geo cheeses that have taken years of development, experimentation and perfection -- Bijou, Coupole, Cremont, and Bonne Bouche. Bonne Bouche is the cornerstone of their Geo cheese line. Released in 2001 to the marketplace, this hand ladled goat's milk disc that is aged with ash is decadent, luscious, creamy, crisp, grassy, citrusy, and wonderful. It is truly a cheese to dream of.

So this month, Vermont Creamery is giving away five Bonne Bouche prize packages in the month of March via their blog and Facebook page --

How do you win?

By sharing your favorite recipe and / or pairing with Bonne Bouche so get inventive guys and win some of my favorite Vermont goat's milk cheeses!!!!

Along with Vermont Creamery's giveaway, Fromagical will be giving away one Bonne Bouche prize package as well. So write to us and tell us your favorite Bonne Bouche recipes and pairings and one lucky winner will receive an awesome Bonne Bouche Basket!

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