Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 950 : Vacation Day Cheeses

I feel fortunate to have the pleasure of having the week between Christmas and New Year's off, it is one of my favorite times to have a staycation in Manhattan -- see friends; catch those movies and museum shows that I never seem to have the time to see; relax and read; and most of all take advantage of all of the wonderful pleasures the city I call home has to offer!

How often do you get to enjoy seeing a movie at 11am on a weekday or sit and chat over a glass of wine and cheese with a close friend in the middle of the afternoon? It sure is a treat!

If you're having a staycation, then I surely recommend stopping by Avoce in the Time Warner Center for a selection of their cheeses. At $19 for five different Italian cheeses with individual compote pairings, it is an excellent deal and surely don't forget the complimentary ricotta and homemade foccacia that comes along with.

Of the cheeses currently available - I recommend having the following five cheeses :

Sottocenere - Hailing from Veneto, this cow's milk cheese is infused with black truffles and aged on its exterior with nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, licorice, cloves and fennel. Paired with a grappa raisin puree. The cheese is elegant and sleek, rustic and earthy yet round and flavorful -- a holiday treat!

Gorgonzola Dolce - The classically fantastic Italian cow's milk blue that is both approachable, luscious, and round yet spicy and dynamic. Appeals to the blue cheese lover and novice all at once. This was served with honeycomb to add a naturally earthy sweetness to the blue.

Asiago d'allevo - Aged Italian cow's milk cheese - we all know it, we all love it. Quite the versatile sort! Paired with a green olive tapenade to bring out the vegetal rustic characteristics of the cheese.

La Tur - One of my all time favorite Italian creamsters composed of a mixture of goat, sheep, and cow's milk, this is decadence in a morsel. Round and unctuous, this cheese begs a glass of bubbles to go along with it. Served with homemade pistachio brittle to provide a crunch and texture to the milky cheesy paste.

Pecorino Oro Antico - Aged sheep's milk cheese with a deep nutty, caramelly, butterscotchy bent and an all around fabulous winter feel. Great with a glass of red wine! This was paired with homemade Pinoli Butter to accentuate the nuttiness of the cheese.

Overall the perfect place of an afternoon staycation glass of wine and cheese!

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