Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 948 : Christmas Eve Cheeses

In honor of Christmas Eve and the fabulous gathering of friends and family this afternoon, Fromagical supplied a selection of special and seasonal cheeses. What were they you might be wondering?

Cheese number one was Torus, the superstar cheese that I wrote about in my last blog. This combination / collaboration with Vermont Butter & Cheese and Murray's is the most uniquely creamy, unctuous, chalky, citrusy, bright, mushroomy, rustic round cheese. A holiday celebration in a morsel!

Cheese number two was Little Big Apple infused with black truffles. Murray's cheese takes a Champlain Valley triple cream roundelle and infuses the center with black truffles here. What you get is fabulously sensual creamy milky cheesy paste paired with the rustic earthiness of the truffles. This is a black tie cheese that goes perfectly with that celebratory glass of bubbles you are enjoying on this holiday.

Cheese number three was Cocoa Cardona, which was featured on day 944 and is found at Beecher's Cheese. A firm aged goat's milk cheese that is rubbed with cocoa powder in the course of its aging process. The result? A rustic and earthy yet sweet and flavorful cheese that is the perfect balance of chocolaty cheesy goodness. Crisp, tangy, citrusy and classically goaty paste is paired with the most unique cocoa exterior.

The final cheese, cheese number four was Barden Blue, Consider Bardwell's newest release. Think cheddary paste combined with a classic blue cheese spicy piquance. Firm and biting, yet crumbly and flavorful. This is the sort of cheese that is absolutely perfect with your after dinner drinks, port perhaps?

Overall a selection of truly special cheeses for this truly special day.

Fromagical wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

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