Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 940 : Great right now

The other evening I stopped into Murray's in Grand Central Terminal and was looking for a nice firm local Alpine inspired cheese  -- there's something about the temperatures dropping and my desire for red wine, rustic nutty cheeses and cozy fireplaces increasing. Of course my eyes gravitated first off to the Tarentaise, one of my all time favorites. The raw Jersey cow's milk cheese crafted by both Thistle Hill and Spring Brook Farm's just screams warmth and comfort to me with its nutty, buttery, butterscotchy, caramelly and rustic notes. Nope, it was time for something different, there's always Pleasant Ridge Reserve, another one of my favorites, this Wisconsin native is modeled on the classic European great, Beaufort, but completely its own. Ohh maybe I wanted Spring Brook Farm's Reading, the first American crafted Raclette style cheese. Yes! That was it!

If you rewind the clocks to warmer temperatures and this past summer's trip to Vermont, I had the pleasure of visiting Spring Brook in Reading, Vermont. Spring Brook Farm is a functioning dairy farm along with being an educational center stimulating the farm and environmental knowledge base for inner city children nationwide. 

Reading is one of two cheeses Spring Brook makes. Newish to the market place, having only been produced for the past three years, it a sweet and buttery raw cow's milk cheese aged for at least three months. Semi-soft, pliable and melting with a round honest flavor profile full of grassy, rustic notes, it is all around comforting and fabulous on a chilly December day like today. Enjoy it with a nice local Cab Franc red from the North Fork.

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