Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 937 : This week's Cheese Crush

Gosh, Fromagical has been having lots of new cheese crushes as of late -- new local and regional cheesy discoveries is always a good thing! This discovery also hails from Pennsylvania, more specifically Yellow Springs Farm in Chester Springs, PA. Yellow Springs Farm is both a plant nursery and a goat cheese dairy -- an interesting mixture, right? In fact, Yellow Springs is a sustainable farm that aims to conserve and re-establish the "native landscape" bringing the local plants and environment back to life and in turn allowing their goats to graze in the ideal native landscape.

Yellow Springs Farm produces a repertoire of approximately thirteen cheeses ranging from young fresh goat's milk cheeses to raw aged cheeses to cheeses infused with spices and herbs but the most fantastic of their cheeses if you ask me is Red Leaf.

Red Leaf is a semi-firm goat's milk cylindrical disc that has been wrapped and consequently aged in the farm's Sycamore tree leaves that have been soaked in red wine. Bright ivory white on the interior, this cheese is full of classic bright, crisp, citrusy, goaty notes but with the most fantastic earthy, nutty, rustic, red wine nuances from the red wine soaked Sycamore leaves. An elegant marriage of flavor nuances that delights!

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