Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 934 : A post Thanksgiving Pairing

We got a little side tracked with our Thanksgiving cheese pairings last week but that most certainly does not mean that we cannot resume today with a post Thanksgiving cheese pairing that will take you through the end of the Fall into the Winter, right?

For this pairing, I've chosen one of my absolute favorite local cheeses -- Cooperstown Cheese's Jersey Girl Colby. Crafted with milk from Worcester, New York's Autumn Valley Farm, this raw cow's milk Colby is round, buttery, and creamy. Big and bold, the cheese boasts hints of grassy, earthy, and rustic notes which make this a fantastic late Fall cheese. 

Autumn Valley Farm is a strictly grass fed farm meaning that Jersey Girl is only made in the spring and summer months when the cows have available grass to ingest and enjoy. Giving way to the yellowish color of the paste and a dynamic depth of flavor profile, this is a cheese that is very dependent on seasonality in the most fantastic of ways. 

So what to serve with this cheese?

How about Qupe Syrah hailing from California's Central Coast? 

A classic Central Coast Syrah - a medium bodied red boasting an elegant balance of fruit and spice and acidity -- full of dark red berry fruit and black pepper nuances, this is a perfect companion to our cheese. The round smoothness of the wine will find its counterpart in the round, butteriness of the wine and the rustic earthy notes of the cheese will be complemented by the fruity, spicy, and peppery nuances of the wine. 

Fromagical hopes that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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