Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 923 : At the end of a week unlike any other...

What a week! Starting with a marathon in Washington DC, the effects of Hurricane Sandy and ending with the cancellation of the New York marathon -- it truly has been a week like none other. Tonight, with the power restored to most of downtown Manhattan, if you are in New York City, take the time to eat out and patronize your local restaurant. Maybe you're in need of some celebratory cheese for the fact that you now have power for your refrigerator and if that's the case then here's a few of the shops that are open tonight : 

Saxelby's Cheese and the other shops in the Essex Street Market are open till 7pm tonight
Both of Murray's Cheese locations are ready for business
Beecher's seems closed as they aren't answering their phones
Lucy's Whey is open till around 7:30
Bedford Cheese Shop in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.
No answer at Stinky Brooklyn

To name a few of the options for your "OMG I have power" celebration. All of the businesses in and around New York City that have been affected by the hurricane will appreciate any and all patronage you are able to pay them. It's the time to give back -- through volunteering, donating clothing, food, and money, and of course by patronizing your local businesses. 

Fromagical wishes you a wonderful weekend and a speedy recovery to those suffering. 

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