Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 920 : Adventures in and around DC

Bright and early Saturday, I boarded the train bound for DC, heading south to run the Marine Corps Marathon as the light was just entering the sky. There's something about traveling in the early morning hours that walks the most fabulous line between magical and mystical and dreamy all at once. Arriving to Union Station, a quick trip over to the Marine Corps Marathon expo to get my bib number and meander around all the running wares -- leopard print arm warmers and running shrugs to Clif bars and sneakers and much much more.

Next stop -- lunch in the Penn Quarter at Jose Andres' Spanish tapas joint -- Jaleo. A modern and sleek yet fun and playful interior geared towards families and large groups along with tables for two. An extensive menu of delectable Spanish tapas -- salads and vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, and more. Unfortunately if it hadn't been the day before a marathon, I would have throughly explored their cheese selections and more but because it was, I stuck with their Tortilla cooked to order along with a side of sauteed spinach, pine nuts and raisins. The Tortilla is traditional tapas fare at its best -- simple yet flavorful, eggs, potatoes, onions and a touch of seasoning. The spinach was flavorful and rustic yet clean and delightful -- an excellent way to kick off the weekend in DC. I look forward to returning to sample and enjoy a wider variety of dishes on the menu the next time I'm in DC.

Next stop, the Lichtenstein show at the National Gallery of Art -- the first major retrospective of this prolific pop artist that is completely bypassing the New York City metro area so a perfect opportunity to catch it while down in our nation's capital. An extensive survey of Lichtenstein's career that was a total treat and a break from all the pre-marathon prep!

Leaving the National Gallery and only twelve hours till I was scheduled to get up to run the Marine Corps Marathon -- dinner, sleep and a few other things on the agenda!

After a clean and simple dinner at Cityhouse of salmon and roasted veggies, it was time to turn in to get ready for the race.

3:55am Sunday morning, time to get up to get ready for the 37th annual Marine Corps Marathon -- a race that starts right past the Pentagon and near Arlington National Cemetery and goes through Georgetown, the National Memorials, along the Potomac and finishes back pretty much where it started near Arlington National Cemetery and Iwo Jima Memorial. Of the 30,000 participants in yesterday's marathon, 12,000 were running their first marathon and many were running the race in honor of a fallen loved one. The People's Marathon -- a race without prize money and open to anyone above the age of 14, this race was about the love of running, bringing people together over a shared goal, running in honor of loved ones and ones who are not longer with us. Unlike prior marathons, this race felt different, in the most wonderful of ways. It's about the goal, the run, the race and the mission of achieving it -- pushing yourself that extra step, that extra mile, and surprising yourself and those around you. Here's to many more running adventures to come near and far away. And thank you to my close friends and family who support me through all of my endeavors.

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