Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 916 : Brunch at Acme

Brunch is a tough meal at many NYC restaurants - why I'm not exactly sure as it is such a beloved meal  by so many diners. Sure there are your brunch staples and the such but there is plenty of room for creativity and it seems to be lost often in this classic weekend meal.

Acme, the once beloved Cajun / Southern joint with great Hurricanes and live Zydeco music, revamped less than a year ago into a downtown chic new Nordic joint with Mads Refslund at the helm. Creative and inventive with a fantastic sense of whimsy at dinner time, I was very much looking forward to trying their brunch.

Unfortunately their brunch menu did not wow in the same way dinner does. Brunch was composed of mainly simple, straight forward dishes done well but lacking in creativity -- why I wonder?

Needless to say I had their benedict -- house cured salmon with the classic two poached eggs topped with dill, roasted tomatoes and sauteed swiss chard on a thick slice of country bread lathered in mustard, hollandaise on the side for me with some grated Parmesan instead. The salmon was fantastic -- fresh and fishy yet aromatic and flavorful. A classic brunch dish done well with hints of a Northern European influence.

It seems though their creativity was more in the sweet realm of the menu 

We tried their beer and bread porridge topped with salted caramel ice cream -- definitely more dessert decadence than breakfasty brunch food but this rustically sweet and comforting dish was a unique take on the classic porridge / oatmeal style breakfasts.

Overall -- a favorite of the downtown set for its scene-y chic nights full of creative cocktails and delicious dishes.

9 Great Jones Street

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