Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 912 : American Cheese Celebrations - Day Two : Berkshire Blue

Wayyyy back on Day 488, I had the pleasure of visiting with Ira Grable and learning about the inner workings of one of my favorite local blue cheeses -- Berkshire Blue. This raw Jersey cow's milk cheese aged for just sixty days and crafted in the traditional blue cheese manner was the only blue showcased at Tuesday's tasting.

Biting yet round, grassy yet rustic and farmsteady, with a fabulously spicy piquant creamy finish -- it surely is a big and bold blue. Dense and robust yet fanciful and flavorful.

Excellent with W& J Graham's Six Grapes Port - a reserve ruby port that is full of toasty, smooth, sleek, and dark cherry notes. Intense and rich yet luscious, the perfect fruit forward aromatic dance on your palate with this Massachusetts superstar Blue Cheese.

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