Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 905 : My newest cheese crush

I recently discovered a fabulous new cheese from Pholia Farm in Oregon. Their farm had been on my radar for a while as I knew not only were they a sustainable operation, completely powered by hydro-electric and solar systems but that they were also one of a few goat dairies that raises Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Covered Bridge, named after the local Wimer Covered Bridge which perished in 2005 and was rebuilt in 2008, is a firm raw goat's milk cheese aged for approximately three months.

What makes it crushable and crave-able?

Wild River's Nut Brown Ale is added to the curd during the process of production so that this becomes a washed curd cheese not a washed rind cheese. Moist yet dense, bright, milky, tangy, and grassy yet rustic, nutty, earthy, it is a true delight on the palate.

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