Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 895 : Fall into Beer Pairing # 2 : Righteous Rye & Hot Pepper WindsorDale

Here's to our second pairing from our Fall into Beer Tasting - just the perfect combination of fermented fellows that awakens your senses!

Our beer today is Sixpoint's Righteous Rye hailing from Red Hook, Brooklyn. Spicy to the core, the Righteous Ale is a rye pale ale clocking in at 6.40% ABV. Grassy, rustic and earthy yet spicy, peppery, and warming, this deep copper hued beer is perfection for a late Fall day. Medium to full bodied, it warms you from the inside out.

So what to pair with it?

Think spice! My favorite pairing partner is Vermont Farmstead’s Hot Pepper Windsordale. This honest and milky raw cow’s milk cheese is infused with the most fantastic blend of jalapenos and chilis giving it a nice awakening kick of aromatic piquant notes. Spice goes with spice in this pairing designed to delight and stimulate your senses! 

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