Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 878 : Welcome back Stateside!

Gosh this past weekend has been quite the whirlwind -- since I last wrote I spent another twenty-fours in London seeing some of my closest friends, enjoyed some fabulous Thai food, and soaked up the last remaining moments of my vacation. Hopped on a plane homeward bound, landed in NYC on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to return home to the loving paws of my dog. What a fantastic trip -- rejuvenating and relaxing, the way a vacation should be!

After a lovely long run yesterday morning, I stopped by one of my favorite local greenmarkets behind the Natural History Museum and absolutely had to get some of the local heirloom tomatoes currently in season. I also picked up some cucumbers and a melange of other veggies but my heart was seeking the tomatoes! What did I do with them last night?

I thinly sliced two heirloom tomatoes, topped that with thin slices of cucumber and sprinkled some sundried tomato infused Majorcan sel de guerande on top of the slices. Next up some fresh anchovies and EVOO drizzled over the slices along with diced up basil, parsley, and chives. Topped with long thin slices of aged Parmesan and some freshly ground black pepper, it was the perfect savory and fresh ode to the tomato and to the flavors of the Mediterranean to welcome me home. Simple yet flavorful - bright and light, a great Sunday evening meal.

Here's to many more adventures in and around New York and further abroad to come.

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