Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 874 : Landing in the Loire Valley by way of a few little detours

Since I last wrote you from our mountaintop perch in Majorca, I had the pleasure of spending an overnight with an artist in the most magical house on the outskirts of Barcelona followed by a flight through Zurich to Paris, yes I know it sounds ridiculous to go from Spain to Switzerland to go to France but that was what I could find. Arriving in Paris, I was excited for the beginning of our yearly tradition of our mother daughter vacation. Unfortunately our French GPS system or shall we call it CD wanted to make sure that we extended our driving trajectory to arrive in Marcay, a tiny blip of a town near Chinon, by a few hours. Sure the local roads winding through small French countryside villages were stunning but a two hour drive that turned into close to five and a half hours was maybe not what we expected especially after my mother took the night flight the night before. Granted we stopped for a petite lunch followed by a tasting of local Chinon reds and sparkling wines en route. Stopping after 2pm on Sundays in the French country side for lunch is not an easy thing to do -- most establishments are closed including supermarkets -- Sundays are about rest here. But we luckily found a little hotel off the side of the road where we could have two simple fresh salads and a selection of cheeses to choose from.

There really is nothing like French cheese -- their Roquefort, Comte, and Valencay wowed!  But above all -- the local Valencay blew us away. The tangy citrusy chalky notes in the bright white milky cheese were the perfect Sunday afternoon treat and just what we needed to continue on our journey.

Stay tuned later for many more cheese and wine excursions in and the Loire.

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