Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 865: Cob Hill Cheese

Creamery number three on our Vermont excursion was certainly different than the others - why you may ask? Since 2000, Cob Hill Cheese has been crafted at the Cob Hill Co-housing community in Hartland, Vermont. A community currently consisting of twenty three families learning to live off the land via sustainable practices that extend from a way of life to farming to education and more. Cob Hill Cheese and Cedar Mountain Farm are just two of the many businesses that call the co-housing community home. Cedar Mountain Farm is a seven acre farm teaming with vegetables, beef, chicken, and fruit with a CSA program for the local community.

But what about Cob Hill Cheese?

Cob Hill Cheese has been crafting farmstead small production cheese since 2000 with the Jersey Cow's milk from Cedar Mountain Farm. They craft two aged raw cow's milk cheeses -- Ascutney Mountain and Four Corners.

Ascutney Mountain is an alpine style natural rinded firm cheese. Aged for seven to eight months it is nutty, slightly sweet, buttery, round with a rustic, farmsteady bent. Vermont terroir and cheesemaking meets European roots. Great with a medium bodied glass of red wine!

Four Corners however is inspired by a Welsh Caerphilly style cheese. Caerphilly and in turn Four Corners are firm yet crumbly aged cow's milk cheeses. Four Corners has this fabulous buttery milky grassy tang that goes excellently with a nice big beer.

Overall two wonderful snacking cheeses crafted in a very unique milieu that is a model for sustainable agriculture and community.

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