Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 835 : Dinner at Forager's City Table - A little less cheese and a little more Asian influenced cuisine

Forager's originated as Dumbo's fantastic grocery and marketplace. Not that long ago, they opened a Manhattan outpost replete with a grocery and a sit down restaurant -- farm to table cuisine with an Asian bent. As you walk in, you are welcomed by the alluring wares of the grocery portion, but keep going to the sleek and simple seated area in the back -- rustic barn decor meets city chic here.

An elegant menu of inventive dishes each truly unique in their creativity!

As there were a few of us we were able to split a variety of their dishes to start so we could really try a sampling of their offerings. We started with their warm peanuts and cashews infused with chili, ginger, lemongrass, and herbs. Spicy and tangy, these were addictive, that's for sure! We also tried two of their salads: the house cured anchovy and radish salad served with foragers farm butter crunch lettuces along with their spring hearts salad which was composed of artichokes, asparagus, hearts of palm, escarole, and topped with a foragers farm egg and a deconstructed pesto herb sauce. The anchovy salad was less about the anchovies and more about the crisp freshness of the lettuce leaves -- lacking in some flavor punch, it was a celebration of our local green bounty. The spring heart salad was aromatic and vegetal and delish, it packed a nice punch but really allowed each of the veggies the opportunity to sing!

I then had their organic black pepper tofu accompanied with balsamic glazed dinosaur kale and we all split a variety of their vegetable sides. The tofu was flavorful yet delicate and the kale was the perfect dark leafy green counterpart to complement the aromatics of the tofu and balsamic.

Overall the meal was delish and understated in an elegant manner just like the space it was served in. There are very few restaurants around town that I know who can really leave the ingredients to shine on their own and that is what Forager's City Table does -- its really about bringing the farm fresh ingredients to the fore.

Forager's City Table
300 West 22nd Street

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