Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 830 : New Cheese Discovery - Bossa

Location : Weston, Missouri. Green Dirt Farm to be specific.

Located in the Missouri River Valley, Green Dirt Farm is a big believer in community based farming practices providing the community with an opportunity to know where their cheeses and yogurts come from -- decreasing the distance your food has to travel between production and consumption. Green Dirt Farm strictly produces products with sheep's milk -- four aged cheeses, yogurt, fresh cheeses, and lamb.

My new cheese discovery is their Bossa cheese -- one of the only sheep's milk washed rind cheeses crafted in the US. Aged for approximately two months, this little briny roundelle has the classic washed rind orange-y hued exterior and a bright white ivory interior. Stinky, pungent, meaty, grassy and barnyardy yet creamy and alive, this cheese is definitely not for the faint of heart but boy is it amazing! Enjoy it with a nice Hefeweisen, I guarantee it will be a flavorful delight!

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