Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 817 : Scaffolding was our friend - Landbrot Bakery

Located on the corner of 7th avenue South and Charles Street under a pretty intense scaffolding setup is an awesome German bakery bar called Landbrot, derived from the German word meaning 'country bread.' Sleek and sexy yet rustic and homey -- this corner bakery has only been open for six weeks and when word of their excellent and affordable Austrian wine selection, German micro-brew focus and their outstanding home baked breads, pretzels and more gets out, I am sure it will be packed. But last night we were easily able to walk in and get a table.

Being an avid lover of Austrian wines I was thrilled to see such a nice selection of whites and reds that I knew and loved, I went with a crisp glass of Gruner. We decided to split their cheese bret which for $12 was one of the best deals in the city for a cheese plate! Unfortunately they were out of one of their cheeses but they most certainly made up for it with the other two -- Black Label Cambozola and Bavarian Rougette. Served with radishes, cornichons, horseradish, and radish and apfel butter along with a basket of homebaked bread, this was more than enough for four of us to share.

Black Label Cambozola is a German creation combining Camembert and Gorgonzola to create a creamy round cheese with light blue notes. The Black Label differs from others because it has grey mold on the rind as well dialing up the punch slightly. Perfect with Landbrot's homemade whole wheat walnut raisin bread and some of the apfel radish butter.

Bavarian Rougette is a washed rind triple cream cow's milk cheese that just melts in your mouth -- semi soft and malleable, this is a spreadable cheese. Rustic and barnyardy with that classic washed rind stink and a round, buttery finish-- it truly has a uniquely dynamic flavor profile. Spread on a piece of homemade white bread with a cornichon or two, an excellent pairing!

Apart from the cheeses, what else did we have?

We decided since they were known for their pretzels, we had to try their cheese brezeln -- a homemade pretzel baked with gouda cheese -- just the right amount of salty, creamy, carby greatness here.

Then we split an open faced smoked salmon sandwich topped with garden radishes, green apple, fresh dill and horseradish spread on German Rye. Aromatic, herbaceous and flavorful -- light yet decadent and delish! Others at the table had their black forest ham, smoked Gouda, pear, and German mustard sandwich on ciabatta bread that they enjoyed.

What a find! True to its German roots, Landbrot is definitely a welcome addition to the West Village dining scene. I look forward to returning very soon and checking out their other location on the LES.


West Village location - 137 7th Avenue South, NYC 10014
LES location - 185 Orchard Street, NYC 10002

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