Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 815 : Cheese Chat - Peter Mohn of Vermont Farmstead

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Mohn, the VP of Sales for Vermont Farmstead to get to learn more about him, the cheeses and Vermont Farmstead as a company on the whole. It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to chat with someone who loves his craft and his company so much -- what an inspiration!

Peter has been in the cheese world for over four decades -- starting as a cheesemonger at Darien's Cheese Shop in 1970 then working with ANCO foods, a cheese importer and distributor. In 1988, Peter began working with a small artisanal cheesemaker in Massachusetts who crafted a cheese known as Craigston Camembert. It was here where Peter first really catapulted himself and the creamery to the national stage and it did not stop with Craigston, Peter went on to Grafton Village Cheese Company in 1991. At Grafton, Peter put them on the national map -- helping win multiple awards for their cheddars and spring-boarding them from a small local cheesemaking operation to one that was really on the national map! In 2009, Peter retired from Grafton, thinking that his days would be spent relaxing. Boy was he mistaken!

In 2010 - Peter joined the Vermont Farmstead family and the rest from there my friends is history.

What makes Vermont Farmstead different you might want to know?

Well many things my friends!

They are trying to take farmstead cheese and bring it to the masses -- bringing Vermont to the nooks and crannies of the US.

Within the past year, they have gone from the first community owned creamery with deep-seeded roots in Woodstock, Vermont to an award wining cheesemaking operation on the national radar. How have they done that in under a year you might wonder as it tends to take most creameries years?

Thankfully for Vermont Farmstead they did not have to build their own facilities -- they took over a  water buffalo focused dairy farm that was originally designed by a fellow who adored water buffalo mozzarella and who wanted to craft his own cheese. Vermont Farmstead took over the facilities in 2010 after they had changed hands a few times in the process. Vermont Farmstead was the right choice -- why?

Well they have been able in their young existence been able to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation and in their years moving forward their goal is to take farmstead cheese to the masses! Stay tuned for further in depth blogs on each of their cheeses...Through Fromagical and your support, lets help them reach their goal!

There's plenty more to come from them and I'm excited to be witness and be a part of it!

Here's to their future!

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